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1815: The Return of the horses of St. Mark in Venice

Commented by: Matilde Cartolari

The bronze horses of Saint-Mark’s church in Venice have a long story of appropriations and dispossessions. Taken as war-booty from Constantinople in 1204, they embodied the power of the Venetian Republic for more than five centuries, before being moved to Paris after the French conquest. Their return to Venice in 1815 was celebrated as an act of munificence and generosity by the restored Austrian government.→ Continue reading

1897: Benin War Trophies in the British Illustrated Press

Commented by: Felicity Bodenstein

Throughout 1897, The Illustrated London News produced a series of articles dedicated to British interests in West Africa and in particular to the situation of Benin City (Coombes, 1994, 7-29). It was through this journal that some of the first images of the objects taken during the „punitive expedition“ of 1897 reached a wider British public.→  Weiterlesen